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Transport System - Maharashtra


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Transport System - Maharashtra

Maharashtra Transport

Maharashtra state is among the highest developing economic regions of India. The state is blessed with fertile land and suitable climate conditions which makes the living conditions favorable to others within the state. The state majorly supports all transport modes with well and developed connectivity. Rail, Road, Air even Sea transport also available from all major cities and easily approached to any places of the country. 

Air The Maharashtra state has four international airports and two domestic airports. Mumbai has Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport which is the busiest and best connected international airport of the country and is connected with most of the important destinations of the world. Apart from Mumbai, major cities like Pune, Aurangabad and Nagpur also served international flights.

Rail: Mumbai is the center point of the railway network in Maharashtra owning three major railway stations and the headquarters of two Railway Zones in India. The capital city is connected to most of the important cities of India by railways. Rail transport supported by Central railways with Konkan railways in coastal areas. Many important tourist spots in the state are directly connected to Mumbai by regular trains. The other cities and district head quarters of the state are also well connected by trains.

Road: The state has the best road connectivity in India. The state is privileged with the largest road network of India along with highest number of National Highways. The most of the places of the state are having well maintained state and national highways. The national highway like NH 8 connects Delhi with Mumbai and NH 4 connects Chennai with Mumbai. The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) is responsible for the maintenance and development of road transport throughout the state, under which buses runs, popularly called ST for State Transport, linking most of the towns and villages in and around the state with a large network of operation.

Sea Ports: MaharAshtra is surrounded by Arabian Sea therefore gifted with the best large three ports of the country. Among the state there are three major ports at Mumbai which is operated by Mumbai Port Trust. The JNPT in Mumbai Harbour of Navi Mumbai and in Ratnagiri.


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Comments / Discussion Board - Transport System - Maharashtra

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    Yogesh Achyut Pathak from MUMBAI 644 Days ago

    Sir/Madam, For more than a week, I am facing trouble travelling from bus. i.e. seems you have discontinued automatic electronic machine and now again old fashion of manually vending tickets are been distributed by the conductors, first one two i adjusted & started taking physical punched tickets, but the conductor insisted to give exact change, on showing my prepaid passed they adjusted and gave me change. But from the third fourth day till date, though showing pre paid pass, seeing they do not carry electronic machine. I agree to pay cash some time with Rs.10, 20, 50 or 100 rupees note as every day it is not possible for me to arrange Rs.10 or 8 note/coins cash (one time Rs. 10 i.e. from SK Patil to GPO & Rs.8 from GPO Malhbotra House to Thakurdwar), seeing this a quarrel between me and bus conductors are heated over exact change, my above showing pre passed in totally ignored by them and they say it not our problem tell the depot or the best authorities, but give exact change. I am surprised for more than couple of years the same bus conductors were giving my example to other customers/travellers saying to care/purchase this prepaid pass as this gentle customer is carrying to avoid carrrying exact change as its help us (conductors) to give electronic tickets with out any problem and now the vice versa bus conductors complaints about with rough language, as if i am no more gentlemen to them i.e. if i give exact Rs 8 coins change i am gentlemen and if i give Rs.10, 20, 50 or 100 i am not gentlemen. To day when around 9:40 am I caught bus no. 28 (inside bus no. was 3001, not sure) from SK Patil Udyan Stop, the bus conductor came asking for taking ticket, i took out the pre paid pass. the bus conductor told that the machine is not there and take manually punched ticket of Rs.10 upto GPO. I, today was actually not carrying any change either coins or notes. so i said I too do not have change to pay in cash. he argued asked me to get down from the bus with rough and toug

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